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So you’ve decided you want laser eye surgery, it’s a big step, but an even bigger step is deciding  where you should get your procedure done. Your eyesight is arguably your most precious and delicate sense, and if you’re going to place your trust in someone to perform laser eye surgery it is essential that you choose the right clinic.

So how do you choose a Laser Eye Clinic?

Word of mouth is an excellent place to start. With nearly 30-million people world-wide having had the surgery, there’s a good chance you’ll know someone who have had their eyes treated with a laser. In other words, avoid the marketing hype and investigate. Look at testimonials and reviews. Perhaps try asking people who’ve had the procedure through social media channels.

Should cost be a major consideration?

As a consumer in our day to day lives, we generally are looking for discounts, deals, bargains and short-cuts. And while the cost of Laser Eye Surgery is a major expense, you’re paying for expertise, meaning you do get what you pay for.  Bowen Eye Clinic also offers a range of finance plans to ease the pressure.

What you should expect

Look at the after care package that comes with your surgery as the best clinics don’t end their relationship once the procedure has been completed. Ask if you’ll get follow up examinations by the surgeon, all things you will get at Bowen Eye Clinic. The current price for Laser Eye Surgery at Bowen Eye Clinic is $3000 per eye. This includes all follow-up appointments with the eye specialist for 12 months and any enhancement procedures if required. 


At Bowen Eye Clinic, Dr Reece Hall uses the latest FDA approved Femtosecond and Excimer laser technology, so you can be assured that your mind will be at ease when the day comes for the change that will transform your vision for the rest of your life.

Reputation is everything

Your eyes are in safe hands at Bowen Eye Clinic. Dr Reece Hall has over 8-years experience in Laser Eye Surgery and more than 12-years experience with Cataract, Pterygium and Cornea Transplant Surgery. He is also a consultant at Wellington Hospital as a Cataract and Cornea Transplant Surgeon and is the only eye specialist in New Zealand who has completed two overseas fellowships in Refractive (Laser Eye) Surgery and a postgraduate Masters degree in Refractive Surgery.

Check out the premises and book a consultation with the surgeon.

A great laser eye surgery clinic will be tidy, clean and makes hygiene their top priority. The clinic should represent professionalism and that’s what you’ll find at Bowen Eye Clinic. Bowen Eye Clinic is located on the grounds of Bowen Private Hospital in a truly beautiful part of Wellington. It is surrounded by native bush and native birds that makes visiting the clinic a really peaceful and relaxed experience. You can expect a personalised treatment plan by Dr Reece Hall, who will also carry out your initial assessment, as opposed to a technician. In fact, all assessments are done by Dr Reece Hall, so he is with you every step of the way before, during and after acquiring your new vision.